This is a perfectly legitimate question.

Here are the main advantages of our formula :

1- This natural supplement has been specially designed to treat this dysfunction and nothing else. It acts solely solely for the purpose of treating premature ejaculation.

2- The benefits of plants: they interact directly with the body, via an internal and natural biochemistry. They can work on the body and on fixing the causes of many sexual disorders. Nature is our creator, she is also our healer.

3- It's a natural solution, without risk, which manages to treat premature ejaculation permanently.

4- This treatment, unlike many others, does not have to be taken before each intercourse or throughout life. A single course is sufficient.

5- Our solution treats an internal dysfunction that involves certain hormones and neuromediators directly related to the ejaculatory process. It therefore allows to treat and cure PE permanently.

Some medical treatments presented as solutions to PE don't permanently help you get rid of premature ejaculation.

For example, the cream or spray acts in the moment and some anesthetize the penis to delay ejaculation. These products are not effective. Indeed, your ejaculation will be delayed, but you will take less pleasure. And pleasure is the basis of a sexual relationship.

In addition, these products must be used continuously, which is clearly not a long-term solution.

Last but not least, many pharmaceutical treatments do not allow to get rid of premature ejaculation either. They act on the moment, by inhibiting, for example, certain hormones or neurotransmitters. But this does not restore the normal functioning involved in the ejaculation process.

Premature ejaculation is a dysfunction, and not a normal condition. It's not an inevitability, but a problem you can manage. You don't have to live with it for the rest of your life.