This question is legitimate and you are totally right to wonder why you would choose our natural complement for this problem. Firstly, this natural complement has been specially crafted and thought for this dysfunction and nothing else. It acts naturally on the cause of it. The benefits of plenty of plants is that they interact with the body and by an internal and natural biochemistry, they can act and help deeply on the body and causes. Secondly, we recommend a natural solution that manages to get rid of this disorder definitively, instead of other treatment or solutions that has to be taken almost all the time we get a sexual relation, or throughout life. (and we don’t criticize any other solutions or treatments). We just think it’s smarter because the PE issue has to be considered as an internal disturbance which involves some hormones and neuromediators directly involved in the process of ejaculation, it has to be considered and should really be treated and cured definitively. You must consider the PE issue as an internal disturbance which is not the normality, it is therefore not inevitable, indeed this issue should be treated and cured naturally, once and for all.

WE ABSOLUTELY DON’T ATTACK OR CRITICIZE ANY OTHER SOLUTIONS. At the end you are free to decide. We deeply think that we can not have a happy sexual life for a man suffering of severe premature ejaculation. So this dysfunction has to be gone and just become a bad memory. Some other solutions that exist don't allow to get rid of this dysfunction, the cream or spray acts in the moment and some of them anesthetize the penis in order to delay the ejaculation, but it’s not a good idea in a sexual relationship where you look for pleasure. And the thing must be repeated every time. It’s clearly not a long term and good solution. And the pharmaceutical treatments don't allow you to get rid of Premature Ejaculation either.

You must understand that Premature Ejaculation is a dysfunction that is not a standard condition, it’s not the normality of a functioning body. Therefore it’s not a fatality at all and an issue you have to handle and live with throughout your life.